say hello to your photographer… hehehe. it seems rare that i take a day, just to enjoy the park. if i head there, i’m usually pedaling a mountain bike, which is cool, because i like the pedal scooter. but one day a couple months ago while it was still cool out, i decided to take a drive and spend a few hours at the park with my camera. i also decided not to carry any spare lenses with me and shot only with my “nifty fifty”… a fixed focal length 50mm f/1.8 lens. which meant no zoom, try to be creative and see what you end up with. sure, there are all kinds of nature pics, but you know…sometimes you just want to goof around with the camera, so here ya go. i love being outside, love the cool air in the morning, love the sounds of the birds and sometimes, just enjoy being by myself.

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