I’m not entirely sure where all my time goes. For instance, I have every intention of adding a post here every couple of weeks and yet I look at the date of my last entry and it’s over four months ago! So what’s been going on in that time? Another TVRC Spring Series has wrapped up, bikes have broken, been fixed, broken again and been fixed again. The school year ended, there was a trip to San Diego for some much needed family time, there’s been mtn bike rides, dirtscooter rides, kids are growing. I guess it’s just been normal life, whatever that is.

On the work side of things, I recently purchased a large format printer. Why? I don’t know, I guess because I thought it would help me expand MXGurl Designs… and it has. Before when someone wanted some vintage number plates I had to layer the cut vinyl. Now I can print on better material and laminate with some thick stuff. I can print custom stickers and have recently enjoyed scanning some very old stickers/race flyers and creating stickers from them. It’s work, but fun. I guess I’m pretty fortunate to do something I enjoy. The super bonus is that it allows me to get work done when needed and play when needed.

Alrighty then.. back to work. Oh wait, a picture, we gotta have a picture right? One of my favorite things about Texas is the back roads. I don’t know what it is, but I enjoy driving along them, seeing what I can see. Hay fields are probably my favorite, sunflower fields are always cool too. Last June we were headed up to a race and drove past this field, a great split of wheat and corn. I love the contrast of colors and the diversity of what is seen. Silly? Maybe, but like I always say, it’s my page so I get to say what I want.