Been a while since I’ve shared anything here. Feeling the urge to write a little something, even though I have work to do. But hey, that’s why I wear the cape in my little world. Let’s me choose what to do and when I do it.

Life has been busy, but I sure don’t know that I can give you a list of everything to keep me busy during the day. Racing has started again, which makes me happy. I’ve got a new (to me) camera and am looking forward to taking pictures again. I don’t take near as many as I used to, but I usually find a good one here and there.

South Texas weather has been interesting this winter. Heck, yesterday was March 5th and I was sporting jeans and a hoodie. Of course, today is absolutely gorgeous… mid-60’s and sunny. Just a few days ago we didn’t see temps above freezing, had some rain and freezing rain along with ice build up. We’ve got a Bradford Pear tree in the front yard that decided to bloom just before the ice showed up. Poor thing is all kinds of confused. It did look quite pretty, those delicate white blooms covered in ice.

Anyway, that’s pretty much that. I guess I have to get some work done now…


blooming ice