Flying Barcalounger….

We’ve raced at Rio twice in the last month. First race was an AHRMA national, which I always enjoy. It’s really just a good time and an opportunity to see people we just don’t get to see often. Having it at our home track is really cool because it’s a place I love to ride. […]

The Dazzler

Riding mx has given me the opportunity to meet all kinds of different people. Some are fast, some slow, some quiet, some loud, some who like to tell you everything they’ve done and others who don’t like to say a thing even when asked. It’s been my experience that the quiet, humble ones are usually […]

Breast Cancer Awareness

In case you didn’t know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. We probably all know someone who has had cancer. Maybe a loved one, maybe a friend, maybe you’ve been fortunate enough NOT to know someone who has suffered or passed away from this terrible disease. Personally, I’ve lost two grandparents to some form of […]