Oh look…

Another four months has passed without a post. Imagine that. Rather than focus on what’s been going on, I’ll focus on what’s ahead. And next up on the plate – senior pics for the little girl. In looking for a place to take them, I googled across a local botanical garden. I never knew the […]

Chilly Weather….

Been a while since I’ve shared anything here. Feeling the urge to write a little something, even though I have work to do. But hey, that’s why I wear the cape in my little world. Let’s me choose what to do and when I do it. Life has been busy, but I sure don’t know […]

betty ford…

Bet you’re thinking of the president’s wife, right? Well, wrong. Nothing against her, but the Betty Ford I knew was the kind of woman that all women should aspire to be. Almost two years ago she left this world. I think her body was tired, as it should have been. She’d fought breast cancer and […]

random… pic… because i can

I don’t really take as many pictures as I used to. I don’t know why. But even when I was taking lots, I didn’t always sort through them. Heck, for months or years even. Or maybe I look through them right away and pick out my favorites to share with those I think might want […]

Simple Things….

I love Springtime in Texas… I’ll never forget the first Spring after moving here and seeing all the wildflowers along the highway. It was just amazing to me, such a beautiful sight. I think maybe I look forward to it even more now, excited to see what might bloom first as I try to remember […]

Flying Barcalounger….

We’ve raced at Rio twice in the last month. First race was an AHRMA national, which I always enjoy. It’s really just a good time and an opportunity to see people we just don’t get to see often. Having it at our home track is really cool because it’s a place I love to ride. […]

10 years ago….

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I thought I’d add something pertinent. I think one of my earliest childhood memories involves the holidays. I can remember living in the red house on Date St. in I.B., my Grandparents were over for Thanksgiving.. I’m maybe 4 or 5 years old. My Grandpa always had a great sense of […]

Mom’s Train…

In July of 2011 the kids and I took a road trip with  my Mom and Grandparents that started in Dolan Springs, AZ and ended near Grant’s Pass, OR. It was a great drive, lots of different scenery and things to experience along the way. It was also a chance for the kids to spend […]

Patch That Crack!

Don’t forget, we’re running a special on butt patches right now!They’re $20 each or get two for $30. Free shipping, quick turnaround time. I’ll work with you to make sure you get exactly what you want! Email me for more info… char@mxgdesigns.com  

richie v…

Looking back thru my pics from 2008 and the first AHRMA National I went to, I came across this one. When Robbie and I went that year, I knew all of about 3 people at Diamond Don’s. But the racing was so much fun to watch and I left that day with well over 450 […]